Are you aware that you can avail of a hefty discount on products you purchase from the net with the help of discount coupons? These coupons helped online stores garner new customers and sell products quickly. This trend in increasing with each passing year and 2018 is no different. Here are details about coupons for 2018 plus how you should use them to get the best value for your money.

Search for sites offering genuine codes
The net is full of sites that claim to offer working coupon codes. However, as any experienced online purchaser will tell you, only a handful of online portals offer genuine coupons for 2018. Although you can easily find out the genuine sites through trial and error, there is a better and time-tested way to locate the authentic sites.
• Check if the site offering coupon codes updates its database regularly
• Confirm whether the site allows members to give a `thumbs up’ or `thumbs down’ on a coupon, depending on the experience they have had with it
• Check if the site shows information like when a particular was reported by other members as working. This information comes in handy when a site offers a limited quantity of a product at discounted rates through coupon codes.

Tricks to get double discounts
Although you can get discounts on your online purchases with coupons for 2018, you can easily increase the discount using a simple trick. Most online stores offer special discounts to visitors when they sign up with their site. Sign up with one such store and check the product on which they are offering the discount. Now visit the website offering coupons for 2018 for the above-mentioned site and check for a site-wide discount coupon. Such coupons allow you to avail of special discounts on all products offered on sites they are linked with. Use the discount offered by the store to purchase the goods and employ the coupon code during checkout to get an additional discount.

How to remain updated about the latest discount codes
Do you have the time to visit numerous websites that offer special codes on a daily basis? Chances are that you might miss out a limited period offer provided by a specific site. You can evade such problems by signing up for newsletters offered by most sites that offer coupons for 2018. Once you have completed the signup process, you will receive latest and updated offers via email.

Get discounts at brick and mortar stores too
You can also use coupons to avail special discounts when purchasing your requirements from physical stores. Visit the online coupon site and search for details about your local supermarket. If you find coupons related to that supermarket, select one that meets your requirement, complete the payment process, and click on the `print’ button to take a printout of the coupon. Take this printout to the store, purchase the good, and hand over the coupon at the check out counter.

Haste is waste
Always bookmark or note down details about a number of websites offering genuine coupons for 2018. Once you need a product, search for the same on all of those sites. With a bit of luck, you might be able to find one coupon code-centric site offering a better discount for your desired product than the others offer.

Haste is waste… continued
Just because you have seen an amazing discount coupon on the home page of a website does not mean that you should use it. Search the site thoroughly to find other offers. Go to the different sections such as `deal of the week,’ and `deal of the day.’ These sections offer some of the most outrageous discounts.

Not sure about the store
If you want to purchase a product but cannot decide which store to purchase it from, click on the `store’ section of the coupon centric website. You will see a drop-down menu of all stores for which coupons are available through that portal.

Unsure about the category
Click on the `category’ section on the coupon code website to see a list of main categories for which coupons are available. Clicking on a category leads to another section where you can find products related to the main category.

The search box
The search box is your best buddy when searching online for coupons for 2018. Visit the site offering the coupons and use their internal search engine to search for a product. You can search by the name of the product or by brand names too. Once you fill the `search’ field and click on the search button, you will receive information about various coupon codes, applicable to the product you searched for. Choose the coupon offering the best deal and use it to avail of hefty discounts on your online purchase.